My Story

     Hello everyone! My name is Thea and I am the proud owner of Just a Touch of Unique. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school, starting with just the simple editing of friends' and family's photos. Shortly, more and more people wanted my edits which called for Just a Touch of Unique to be born. It started off as a Facebook page, but soon after that edits were not enough for my friends and family, they wanted to book sessions.

     One of my personal goals is to produce grade A photos for a very low cost. Since I originated from the work of my friends and family, I wanted to be able to give my customers the same love and low prices. It brings me joy to be able to see the working family with the beautiful pictures you see online & even more so since it was done without breaking the bank.

    Working with Just a Touch of Unique, you will not just receive "10 of the best photos." I believe that everyone has different tastes and opinions, therefore you will receive every picture taken during the shoot, fully edited. My personal preference is goofy, off guard pictures but that's okay if it's not for you. I am working for you and want to give you memories that you love to hang in your house forever. 

     My customers have become my family. Every smile, every emotion, I want to be as genuine as possible. Every picture speaks a thousand words and with Just a Touch of Unique, you will receive that.

     My expertise include weddings, engagement photos, proms, pregnancies & even family photos. I am always looking to expand and will almost never turn down a new opportunity, I love widening my horizon.

     I love my line of work. I love the environment and the connections I make. Photography captures memories. Capture your memories with Just a Touch of Unique... it would be an honor.